Amy Gardner’s Experience

Amy Gardner founded WineTalent in 2004 to provide personalized recruitment services to the wine industry. Prior to starting WineTalent, Amy was an executive for one of the nation’s largest technical staffing companies, Yoh Company, a business unit of Day & Zimmermann. During her tenure at Yoh, Amy gained practical experience in recruiting, business development, managing diverse workforces, personnel development and marketing. With a true entrepreneurial spirit, Amy was able to establish two new business centers for Yoh and diversify Yoh’s businesses to include the wine industry. Through her involvement with the wine industry, Amy began to be a confidante for several wineries, and began staffing an ever-increasing number of positions.

Employment Knowledge

Amy’s experience is also heavily rooted in human resources. Prior to founding WineTalent, she was responsible for the recruitment and management of over 1,000 technical professionals. As an employer, Amy stayed on top of employment law. This knowledge has been invaluable to her clients. With the founding of WineTalent, Amy has continued to be involved with employment and personnel issues. By being knowledgeable in fair employment practices, Amy is able to address issues and provide solutions to her clients.

Wine Industry Experience

Amy’s understanding of the wine industry is based in an educational foundation in plant science at UC Davis. At UC Davis Amy studied botany and worked in on-campus research labs, doing biochemistry and fermentation. After graduation she worked in lactic acid fermentation, doing research and production laboratory work for the dairy and food industry. This background allows Amy to understand the technical aspects of the wine world. Continuous involvement in industry functions and educational opportunities keeps her up to date on the issues and discoveries affecting the wine business.

Industry Focus

Amy has worked with many industries over the years, including pharmaceutical, semiconductor, software, aerospace, government and health care.  Having worked with a broad spectrum of industries, she found the professionals in the wine world proved to be down to earth and passionate about their product. The interactions with people in the wine business were more intimate and interesting. So, following her belief in doing what she enjoys, Amy worked to build WineTalent to provide personalized service to the wine world. Forming strong ties to both companies and individuals has allowed Amy to be a leading provider of talent recruitment in the wine trade.


Amy Gardner,


Amy is the founder of WineTalent, offering personalized recruiting for wine clients.
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