Our Search Process:

1. Our Client Contacts Us with a Hiring Need
When our client contacts us about a position, we work with the client to understand the job requirement, the history behind the position, and the right type of candidate for the job. Through meetings and close communication, we reach an understanding of the entire scope of the job and the profile of a successful employee for the position.

2. We Start Our Search
Our searches are confidential. Our search includes working with our network of winery professionals and our referenced talent pool. Through continuous marketing WineTalent has a steady influx of new candidates. These new candidates are interviewed and reference-checked to determine their suitability for our clients.

3. We Identify Suitable Matches
At this point our search has found several suitable candidates for the job. WineTalent then conducts personal interviews with these professionals. After the interview, the appropriate candidates’ references are checked. Those candidates that pass the interview and reference check process are then presented to our client.

4. Candidates are Presented
A candidate’s dossier is presented to our client. This profile includes the candidate’s resume, interview notes, reference information and any additional information that will be appropriate for the client to know. We present the best candidates for the job, not all the candidates who could do the job. This saves you from looking through a stack of resumes. All candidates presented to you have gone through WineTalent’s review process, so you can be assured they are highly qualified for the job.

5. Interviews Arranged
After you review the dossiers, WineTalent facilitates the interview process by scheduling and following up with both you and the candidates afterward. When additional meetings are requested, WineTalent secures the schedule for you

6. Offers Negotiated
When a suitable employee is chosen, WineTalent works with you to determine an appropriate salary. Having worked with winery professionals for many years, WineTalent is knowledgeable about competitive salary and benefit programs. WineTalent will provide neutral negotiation services for both our clients and candidates, so that both parties’ best interests are served.

7. Start
Once our candidate accepts an offer of employment, WineTalent verifies the employment start date and helps finalize any relocation or employment verification that our client requests. Once the candidate starts employment, WineTalent stays in communication with both our client and the new employee to ensure a smooth transition.

8. Continuous Involvement
Our work does not stop once an employee starts. WineTalent enjoys staying in touch with the people involved in the placement. Our people continue to be important to us for years to come.




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Confidential Searches

We understand the confidential nature of personnel changes within a company. All of our communications are kept confidential. With a strict confidentiality policy, we can serve our clients’ interests best.

Recruiting also frequently involves dealing with people who are currently employed. Our confidential policy’s underlying principle is that we do not want anything WineTalent does to affect a client or candidate in a negative way. With this as our guiding strategy, we assure that all communications are handled professionally and ultimately have a positive effect on the people we work with.