Wine Industry-Focused Executive Search:

WineTalent is a boutique wine recruiting company that offers personalized, confidential and professional search services to our clients and candidates. With a focus dedicated to the wine industry, WineTalent conducts searches in all management positions, including winemaking, viticulture, operations, sales, marketing, hospitality, finance and human resources. Our placements include executive and management personnel.

Personalized Service/Dedicated Attention:

Committed to providing personalized service to our clients, WineTalent works on each search separately. This close attention to the client’s needs allows WineTalent to be fully accessible when needed, involved in the dynamic nature of the winery and job duties, and responsive to the client. Forming a close relationship with our clients allows us to work tirelessly to find the best talent in the wine business. We also work with job seekers throughout their careers, being involved throughout their career path planning. With our strong customer interaction, we are able to quickly access potential placements and determine if they are feasible for both the client and candidate.

Confidential Communications:


With our personalized service, WineTalent pays close attention to maintaining the confidential nature of every recruitment. Our searches keep information in confidence as requested, allowing clients and candidates to explore opportunities and make informed decisions. When our client determines that a candidate would make an ideal employee, WineTalent provides neutral negotiations. Working with the candidate and client, WineTalent provides unbiased communication between the two parties to arrive at a final acceptable offer.

Continuous Involvement:


Our placements are made to last. Recruiting involves getting to know many different people. We enjoy the relationships we have formed over the years, and strive to keep them vibrant. WineTalent continues to be involved with our clients and placements long after the offer is accepted. This is coupled with an active involvement in the wine community. Our involvement keeps us informed of trends and issues facing the trade and our colleagues.