WineTalent Recruitment:


WineTalent is continuously recruiting new talent for our clients. When you decide that you are seeking a new challenge, we hope to be an agent in your career search. Our client list is quite extensive and varied. For this reason, we talk with a wide range of candidates daily.

Everyone wants to find the perfect job, but not everyone knows how to. WineTalent is in the job-hunting business. We are constantly talking to our clients and our network, finding out about new opportunities. We use our expertise to further your career. We can offer advice about your resumé, determine what type of opportunities would be best for your career, help arrange interviews that allow you to fit them into your hectic schedule, and provide compensation guidance, all in the strictest confidence. With WineTalent working with you, you can find out about a broad range of positions and get assistance in maximizing your potential.


Here’s how we work for you:

When you are looking for a new opportunity, we encourage you to send along a resumé. All submittals are kept strictly confidential. Your resumé allows us to get a snapshot of your work experience, and understand what types of positions you may be interested in. We are also happy to give feedback on your resumé if you would like it.


Once we have reviewed your resumé, we will conduct either a phone interview or a face-to-face interview. This allows us to get to know more about your experience and also to find out about your personal interests. We will review your preferred geographical work location, what level of position you are seeking, and what your current employment situation is. After we know a bit more about you, we will keep you in consideration for all positions that come up.


Once we have your resumé and spent some time getting to know you, your information is put into our database. This database is continuously updated and searched for potential matches for positions. Many people think that only recently interviewed candidates get the call, but that’s not true. Whenever a new position comes up, WineTalent reviews our database of candidates, and contacts everyone who may be interested in that position.
More than just a Database: While we do use a traditional computer database, we also use our memories. We keep track of what types of positions you are looking for, and contact you when it becomes available. Recruiting isn’t simply matching a database profile to a position, it’s finding the right job for you. We never lose sight of this.


When a suitable position arises, we will contact you about it. While we do conduct many searches where the client needs to remain confidential, WineTalent will provide you with as much information as possible. This information includes location, company size, history, personality profiles and potential salaries. We want you to be able to make an informed decision about a future employer. Once we have discussed the various facets of the job, we want to hear your thoughts on it. If you need some additional information, we will try to get it for you. If it sounds like it isn’t quite the right next step in your career, we understand and will let you know about a future opening. If the job sounds like something that interests you, we will go to the next step.


Once WineTalent has a suitable position, we will have you interview with us. At that point we will ask you some additional questions, and if possible, give you some more information about the potential employer. After the interview, WineTalent checks your references. After completing the reference checks, WineTalent presents your resumé to the hiring client.


After the client has seen your resumé, WineTalent works with both you and the client to set up all interviews. As an agent for you, we understand some of the scheduling conflicts which might arise, and work with our client to get a time that works best for both of you. We will follow up with both you and the client after all interviews to get feedback and move the process forward. When the client decides to present an offer to you, WineTalent is available for any questions. With years of winery placement experience, we have current salary and benefit information available to discuss with you. WineTalent works as closely with you as you want. We can help you determine a salary that you feel is best for your experience level. We do provide neutral negotiations for both our client and candidate. This allows you to have an agent in the negotiation process that understands the full compensation and employment situation that you are interested in, to provide a suitable employment package.


WineTalent’s role does not end once the offer is accepted. WineTalent is available for any issues that come up, including relocation, benefit questions and related items. When you start at your new employer, WineTalent keeps in contact with you to allow a smooth transition on your career journey.


WineTalent always wants to know what exceptional talent is out there. With a strong referral network, we have been able to provide excellent recruiting services to our clients, finding just the right candidate for each position. Many times that candidate was referred to us by another professional we have been working with. We strive to recognize every referral.


Confidential Searches

Our confidential policy’s underlying principle is that we do not want anything WineTalent does to affect a client or candidate in a negative way. With this as our guiding strategy, we assure all communications to be handled professionally, and to ultimately have a positive effect on the people we work with. Any inquiries or interactions you have with WineTalent will be kept private.