Upcoming Events

2022 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium

  • Recruiting and Retaining Talent

  • January 25, 2022 @ 2:00 pm – 3:15 pm

The landscape for talent acquisition and retention has certainly shifted since we convened this popular panel in 2020.  External factors have changed the way people work, where people work and what they expect in compensation. 

Who is in the driver seat today may not be in the year ahead; will it be the talent, or will it be the employer?  This question looms over the entire enterprise, from the vineyard through the cellar, into the office and tasting room, and out into sales and distribution.

We will examine the levers that HR professionals are pulling now to keep the talent pipeline supplied for both current operations and areas of future growth.

Hiring in 2021 Webinar


• Revamp Hiring Practices for 2021 – Post-Pandemic Planning and More

January 21, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

For those of you looking beyond the pandemic and to brighter times in the coming months, join Barbara Cotter, a Partner at Cook | Brown LLP, and recruiting expert Amy Gardner, CEO of WineTalent, for this webinar on hiring practices.

Meeting Agenda

  • What are the hiring trends?
  • What stays the same?
  • What will change?
  • What are the major hiring pitfalls to avoid?
  • What are the economic indicators for expanding or contracting the workforce?

Guest Speaker


Barbara A. Cotter, Partner


As a litigator, Barbara has extensive experience defending wage and hour class action claims and representative claims – including those under the Private Attorneys General Act. She’s known for crafting client-centered defense plans, suiting each client’s budget and priorities.



Amy Gardner, President

Amy is the founder of WineTalent, offering personalized recruiting for wine clients.
Amy welcomes your inquiries and can be reached at
916-802-1280 or amy@winetalent.net
Amy looks forward to working with you.