How to Dress for an Interview

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Dressing for success has been a formula for years in the business world, but something I, as well as many people I talk to, struggle with when it comes to wine jobs.

People dream of working in a winery. Look at pictures of winemakers or check out what the tasting room person is wearing and you’d think that you can go into a wine job interview wearing jeans, a polo shirt and fleece. But the day to day wardrobe isn’t what you wear before your first day.

Take your cues from the type of position you are interviewing for. An executive position requires wearing a suit and tie, or suit and blouse. A position within the finance, sales, marketing and human resources departments require similar conservative attire. Production positions including winemaking, enology, viticulture and laboratory are best interviewed for in well pressed, business casual clothes. Many times when you are interviewing with the winemaking team you’ll be touring the facility–and probably checking out some equipment. So the best way to handle it is to wear functional clothes, bordering on business attire.

For hospitality positions you want to wear something that puts you in a positive light. Clean, crisp clothes that are not overstated or flamboyant are preferred. You want to look approachable yet professional.

A bit of grooming before you get there is very important. Shave, style your hair and get any dog or cat hair off your clothes. I also think polishing your shoes adds importance to the meeting. And ladies, if you’re going to show off your feet, make sure they are ready for their close-up. I’ve had clients turned-off by gnarly, ragged feet–even in the height of summer.

And one last bit of advice–stay away from colognes and perfumes. They can detract from your polished style–especially since strong scents can overpower the pleasure of wine tasting.



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