What are the 5 Highest Earning College Degrees, and 5 Least?

Looking at which undergraduate degree to pursue?  Here’s CNBC’s ranking of the 5 best and 5 worst. With about 12% of people in the United States carrying student loan debt, it is smart to determine the right degree–if earning potential is what you are after with a college degree.

ResumeBuilder.com Career Expert Carolyn Kleiman, has this to say about how how to turn a lower earning degree into a strong career, “Often those who choose to study social science, education and./or the arts don’t expect to make 6 figure salaries, they are likely pursuing these areas for other reasons other than money. There are ways to capitalize on the “lower-ranking” majors and pivot into more lucrative careers if they wish to.”

Kleiman goes on to say “major does not equal career so besides the subject one earned a degree in, look at campus activities, research, part-time jobs, internships, etc. to identify skills that are marketable in many areas.”

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