Time to Polish Up Your Resume: Ideas, Resources, Templates

With little warning, the pandemic has thrown many people into job search mode.  Many of my readers are finding themselves starting over, looking for a job, any job.  To have a fighting chance at landing a suitable position, now’s the time to get the job hunt going in full force.  First item of business:  Get your resume updated.

I’ve often written about how to make a great resume.  I do think you can write your own resume, and here’s how.   I’ve also compiled my other resume writing advice here.

To get started, use a resume template.  Some good ones I’ve mentioned in the past are on Canva.com.  Recently I have learned about Resume Genius.  They have some great templates and also information about how to write your resume, what to put on it, and how to format it.  I enjoyed their advice on The One Page Resume and The Two Page Resume.  I’m a fan of a one pager, but know that it is tough for an experienced professional to get everything on one page, so I’ll concede to a two page resume if completely necessary, just make sure the first page counts!  And don’t have the dreaded one-and-about-a-half-page resume.  If you need two pages, fill both pages up.


Not everyone is up for writing their own resume.  With COVID, resume writers are coming out of the woodwork, and plenty of them aren’t worth the fee they charge you for a mediocre resume.  Robin Ryan wrote a great article for Forbes Careers about how to avoid getting duped when hiring a resume writer.  Robin is a resume writer, and encourages you to do your homework on the person who will be making your prime marketing piece for your next career move.

Robin recommends finding a resume writer who has strong referrals, someone who has hiring and work experience in your industry, and someone who takes the time to learn about you and turns around the resume to you in a timely manner.

Robin also wrote about five resumes mistakes to avoid.  This was all spot on with what I experience with resumes.  While taking her advice, here’s another great article from Rebecca Henninger of the Forbes Coaches Council about what your resume should look like in 2020.

If you find yourself out of a job, treat your job hunt like a job.  Have daily tasks, work with your professional network, and stay on top of industry news.  And keep on keeping on.  If there was ever a time when people will understand that you are job hunting, now is the time.

And don’t forget to send me your new resume!





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